We’ve always done things differently, we’re not owned by an estate agency or corporation and we don’t sell overpriced insurance or charge exorbitant fees. We’ve built Hurst Partners by listening, developing and engaging with you. We are whole of market mortgage brokers, providing you with the choice you deserve. We are an appointed representative of intrinsic mortgage planning, owned by old mutual wealth.

We love the energy London offers, it is the greatest place to live, socialise and enjoy on Earth. We are delighted that you have taken time to read about our services and how together, we can make your dream of being a homeowner in the most vibrant city in the world a reality. As you know Mortgages are not the most exciting subject to discuss but they can both be dream makers and breakers. We pride ourselves on being the former, not the latter. We are fully impartial and not part of a large corporate, but we can boast to have a reputation as the ‘go to broker’, which really says it all.

We operate with over 23 developers building in London and the Southeast…

You may have your existing relationship or used a broker for years or have a bank that helps, but what we can offer is a specialist package to suit your needs perfectly whether it is:

New build

Short timescales and deadlines

Bespoke borrowing


Vertical and not horizontal living

Our advisers are not trainees nor have base qualifications, they have knowledge experience and desire  to provide a mortgage to your exacting requirements.


Help to Buy

Bridging and boutique

who doesn’t need short term money sometimes…

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Private banks

we work with the banks and indeed to instigate a relationship…

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Interior architecture & design

Honky, its more than just interior design…

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